Title: The Breaks
Artist: The Black Keys
Played: 114 times


The Breaks (Live) - The Black Keys

Probably my favorite version of this song.  Recorded in Sydney, Australia, 2005.


Watch The Black Keys live from Paléo Festival in Switzerland tonight at 11:45p CEST / 5:45p EDT: click here.

Photo credit: Jason M. Tarulli

Title: Sinister Kid (iTunes Session)
Artist: The Black Keys
Played: 146 times


Sinister Kid - The Black Keys (iTunes Session)

The Devil won’t let me be


In honour of one of my favourite bands


Title: It's Up To You Now (Live)
Artist: The Black Keys
Played: 394 times


It’s Up To You Now || Optimus Alive - Portugal 2014

Sick for days in so many ways
I’m achin’ now, I’m achin’ now